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Hello Waterfront Cities team!audacity -- sound editor

I hope midterm season has been treating you well. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for each and everyone of you!

Next session we’ll conquer the exciting realm of audio production. We’ll be learning how to use Audacity — arguably the world’s most popular opensource sound editor!

Please download and install Audacity for next session from the respective pages based on your operating system:

Thank you very much and best of luck with your projects!


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Hi everyone,

It’s time to start actively monitoring the development of your group websites. Please choose one representative from you group who will send me an email to which I will reply with our login information. It will be very nice if you could register us (two professors and two teaching assistants) as administrators at each of your five group projects.

Thank you very much and looking forward to your five emails before 15:00 on Thursday, April 3, 2008.

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Hi everyone,

Please send me a list of your group members: names and email addresses. We’d like to keep this information private, so you can use either my Gmail account or our contact form. The deadline for this assignment is next Monday (March 31, 2008).

Thank you!

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I love my WordPress!Hello everyone!

Last session we covered some crucial skills like writing posts and fine-tuning your site’s privacy options. Let’s put them to work in your group projects!

Please get together with you group and choose a name for your project and site. This article from LearningNerd should help you hit the ground running! Some extra advice from ProBlogger wouldn’t hurt either.

After you’ve found your name, register your new site, make it private and decide what access level (see list bellow) everyone on your team should have.

To make your site private, go to My Dashboard, click the Options tab, then the Privacy subtab and select this option: “I would like my blog to be visible only to users I choose.” Don’t forget to hit the Update Options button. You are now ready to start registering your five group members for exclusive private access.

Finally, send me a link to your site in an email (one per group would be enough) as your projects will be kept strictly confidential until release date. In other words, members of the other groups shouldn’t know where your site is for the time being as we want to encourage independent thinking and resourcefulness.

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

WordPress Access Levels

Contributors can write/edit/manage their own content and upload files.
They need administrator approval to publish their own content.

Authors have contributor-level access plus they can publish and delete
their own content without administrator approval.

Editors have author-level access plus they can moderate comments,
manage links and categories, edit pages and content from other authors.
They can also read and edit private posts.

Administrators can edit any content or administration settings in any way
available within a WordPress website.

Image by cinefilo

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Just received a message from someone concerned about the privacy of their data. Very soon you will learn how to make your blogs private, that is, accessible only to people you choose. In the meantime, if you feel you wouldn’t like to share personal information on a website, please send me your assignment in an email.


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Greetings folks,

Our next session will be dedicated to developing your new blogs! Let’s create some content that you can publish on your sites. Our first step will be choosing the focus of your blog. Variety is rumored to be the spice of life so any topic you pick is welcome as long as you don’t violate the terms of service the WordPress guys asked you to accept.

Please write a short paragraph that will be your personal statement on your “About” page. Expert advice on how to go about this is waiting for you on Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site. Send me your introduction in the form of a comment to this post and you’re all set for next class.

A word of caution: make sure you don’t leave your email address spelled in standard format (for example, me@freedom.com) on your site. Countless spambots are roaming the Internet jungle looking for easy prey, i.e., your email address. To avoid spam, you can choose an alternative format: me {at} freedom {dot} com.

Here’s an example of how Paul and Derek from Inside Home Recording are using this technique.

Happy blogging!

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Hello everyone!

  • Please head over to wordpress.com, register for a user account and your very own blog, which will be your personal playground throughout the next few sessions. It will be different from the 5 sites we will register for your 5 group projects later on. Don’t forget to choose a strong password. This article will show you how to create passwords that keep the hackers away!
  • Upload a photo to your user profile.
  • Send me the address of your new WordPress blog in the form of a comment and you’re done!

Many thanks,


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