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Some time ago my Windows XP seemed to be on its last legs. Everything was taking forever, I ran all the malware diagnostics I could lay my hands on to no avail. Just before resorting to the painful yet inevitable solution — a new installation of the entire operating system — I came across a suggestion by the good folks at PC World Magazine: Advanced WindowsCare Personal by IObit.

I’d never heard of those IObit guys before, but decided to give them a shot and have never looked back! Advanced WindowsCare found thousands of problems, optimized my system and everything has been running like a dream ever since.

Give it a try. It will optimize your system. It will breathe life back into your machine. The first scan could take quite a while, but subsequent checks should be very quick if you do them at least once a week. Also, don’t forget to hit the Update link in the Options menu before you begin. Then click the Scan button to start optimizing and after that the Repair button to complete the process.

You can download Advanced WindowsCare Personal here. The PC World downloads page is here.

Happy optimizing!

Advanced WindowsCare

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Daniel has just left a suggestion in the comment section of “Weekly Homework Assignment #1.” You might be interested in the feedback his message will receive, but you don’t have time to check back every hour or so to monitor the conversation . . .

Simply scroll down to the comment box of the post and subscribe to the RSS feed labeled “Comments RSS.” All new comments will automatically appear on your personal iGoogle page or Google Reader if this is what you used to subscribe.

Alternatively, you can click the RSS “Comments” link at the top right corner of our site.

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