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Hi everyone!

Next Thursday we’ll begin our exploration of the WordPress content management system and the miracles it can do for you as an independent content provider. We will focus on exploring the different features, widgets, and functions you can use to develop an exciting online experience for your audience.

This is also the right time to learn more about content creation and the art of blogging. We will be drawing inspiration from the best in the field: non-profit and profit alike!

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Darren Rowse a.k.a. ProBlogger! This humble and soft-spoken Australian has a degree in theology and has managed to generate six-figure income as a professional blogger in three successive years. His site is a wonderful resource for those of you thinking about becoming professional online content producers.

Knowing how to write high-quality content for online publication will be crucial for the success of our course projects as well. Here’s one of Darren’s articles on the topic: “Writing Good Content.”

The rest of his blogging tips for beginners are waiting for you here.

Happy blogging!

PS The free resources I am recommending in this series have been selected solely based on the high quality and integrity of the content they provide.

PPS And here’s some advice on how to stand out from the crowd as a new media designer from Darren.


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Hello everyone!

  • Please head over to wordpress.com, register for a user account and your very own blog, which will be your personal playground throughout the next few sessions. It will be different from the 5 sites we will register for your 5 group projects later on. Don’t forget to choose a strong password. This article will show you how to create passwords that keep the hackers away!
  • Upload a photo to your user profile.
  • Send me the address of your new WordPress blog in the form of a comment and you’re done!

Many thanks,


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Our course will cover an eclectic range of new media aspects. Here’s an example of a video embedded in a post. A great way to kickstart your week! You will learn how to insert moving pictures in your blogs soon 🙂

Btw, the R.E.M. guys have also embraced some cutting-edge online technology: you can create your very own video version of Supernatural Superserious here.

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Course Feedback!

free_hugs.jpgKonstantin has been forwarding me some emails from both poles of the academic satisfaction continuum. I was thinking that we could discuss your suggestions for creating an even happier course on Thursday, but you might want to let out your joy or frustration a little bit sooner.

Please, feel more than welcome to share your ideas, recommendations, suggestions with our mini community in the comment section. Hope to hear from you soon!

Photo by Joan Planas

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Daniel has just left a suggestion in the comment section of “Weekly Homework Assignment #1.” You might be interested in the feedback his message will receive, but you don’t have time to check back every hour or so to monitor the conversation . . .

Simply scroll down to the comment box of the post and subscribe to the RSS feed labeled “Comments RSS.” All new comments will automatically appear on your personal iGoogle page or Google Reader if this is what you used to subscribe.

Alternatively, you can click the RSS “Comments” link at the top right corner of our site.

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Dear Diversity Community,

Your first ten-point assignment will be dedicated to preparation for our next session.

Part I: Please, make sure that you . . .

Part II: Register for an account with the following two social bookmarking services:

Leave a quick note in the form of comment to this post to indicate that you’ve completed the task before the deadline (next Thursday morning). Something like “done” or “ready” would be fine.

To comment on this post, click on its title: “Weekly Homework Assignment #1” and use the comment form.

Thank you very much and have a wonderful weekend!

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Hello and a very warm welcome everyone!

Your first assignment is coming soon!

Best wishes,


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